This year we are starting a brand new rewards system as a school, based on our existing Dojo point rewards. This year, children can collect points to put towards prizes! Children can collect points for showing positive behaviours such as helping others, trying their best, being kind, showing respect, teamwork, and many others.

Once children reach a certain amount of Dojo points this year, they will be given a sticker to add to their own personal Dojo card. Prizes for this academic year are as follows:


50 dojo points
BRONZE level
Prize: A certificate from your teacher

150 dojo points
SILVER level
Prize: Extra playtime

300 dojo points
GOLD level
Prize: A lucky dip in the prize box

450 dojo points
RUBY level
Prize: A picnic with your teacher

600+ dojo points
Prize: A VIP day with Mrs Garr