At West Boldon we want all children to have a positive outlook towards attending school everyday. Our attendance initiatives are continuing to be very successful, encouraging and rewarding children to excellent attendance.


Weekly attendance reward

If children attend school for 5 consecutive days and arrive on time all week, each Friday their name will be put into a raffle. A winner from each class will be selected and they will receive a special prize to celebrate their excellent attendance that week.



Children who achieve a fantastic 100% attendance for the whole term will continue to be rewarded with a special certificate.



Children who achieve an amazing 100% for the whole year will continue to be rewarded with a special reward and certificate.


Excellent attendance and punctuality equals greater achievements for your child. All children should have an attendance of at least 96%. We would like to congratulate the parents who ensure their child attends school regularly and arrives on time and we look forward to your support regarding your child’s attendance.