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On behalf of the children, staff and Governors, we would like to welcome you to West Boldon Primary School’s website.

We are a school which believes in the value of every child and adult who enters our doors. As such we want all those who become part of our school community, whether a child or an adult, to feel valued, happy, respected and to recognise their role in continuing to make our school ‘Outstanding’.

We believe that all children who become pupils at our school deserve the best and our aim is to help them succeed by reaching their potential in every area of school life – academic, social, personal, physical and spiritual. We do this by ensuring that each child has a clearly personalised curriculum where they understand their educational journey– where it is beginning, where it will take them and how they will get there!

Within our school we work very hard to create a team of teachers, non-teaching and support staff that will support each child in reaching their potential. Many who visit us comment on the strength of our ‘staff team’ and their shared commitment to help every child in the school achieve their best.

We value the broad and balanced curriculum which our staff offers and all children are able to access not only academic, but creative and physical areas of the National Curriculum fully, so that they receive the highest standard of education.

We hope as you visit our website you will gain a sense of the value that we place in each child and our desire to ensure standards, in all areas, remain as high as possible within the caring and happy community which is West Boldon Primary School.

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Attendance This Week

ARC 1 (Mrs Davidsons)
ARC 2 (Miss Robinson)
Explorers 3 (Miss C Smith)
Pathfinders 4 (Mrs Burns)
Pathfinders 5 (Mrs Goodwin)
Pathfinders 6 (Miss Wilkinson)
Adventurers 7 (Miss Ingoe)
Adventurers 8 (Mr Gordon)
Adventurers 9 (Mr Cairns)
Adventurers 10 (Miss R Smith)
Navigators 11 (Miss Makel)
Navigators 12 (Mr Wilson)
Navigators 13 (Miss Swales)



Fantastic day, we’ve loved using cojo for the last few years and getting a bit of re-training was just what we needed. Helped reaffirm just how good it is and how it suppers our children. Thanks Jimmy.

The children in our Addition Resource Centre (ARC) KS2 have settled in beautifully. They are bonding with each other and making new friends, and settling into West Boldon life and routines. A welcome addition to our school community.

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There is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
Pupils are proud of their school and enjoy attending
West Boldon Primary is a very caring school
There is plenty of extra help for pupils who need it
There is a purposeful approach to learning
Pupils feel safe and trust the adults to look after them
There is much in place to support pupil's personal development
There is a strong sense of community