After School Clubs – Autumn Term 2020

Please find a list below of all our After School Clubs currently running in the Autumn term 2020. Click through each of the links to find out more information about each of the clubs.

Monday Film Club Year 2
Drawing Club Year 1
Drama Club Year 3
Lego Therapy (invite only) Years 3 and 4
Environmental Science Year 5
Tuesday Arts & Crafts Reception
Reading Club Year 2
Phonics Club Year 1
Times Table Rockstars Year 3
Wednesday Reading Club Year 3
Board Games Year 4
Gymnastics (Mr Gilmore) Year 5
Thursday French Club Year 3
Kickboxing (Mr Brown) Year 4
Times Table Rockstars Year 4
Lego Coding Year 5
Reading Club Year 5
Friday Football Skills Year 6