Mr Cairns’ Class

Just a quick note to welcome your child into my class in Year 6 and to wish them every success throughout the coming year. Here are some of the important events which occur during the week.

Year 6 will enter and leave school by the main school gate (buzzer): their times are 9.15am-3.30pm.

Firstly, your child will be given a set of ten words to learn on Monday and will be expected to return this work on Friday. Secondly, homework will be given out on Tuesday and again should be handed in on Friday, parents must sign homework and spellings for your child to receive his/her reward star.


As well as this, it is important that your child reads at home at least three times a week. Reading diaries will be checked on a Friday.  Reading books/records should be brought to school every day. Your child will be rewarded for doing their homework, spellings and reading.

Other important events which happen during the week are swimming and P.E. Swimming is on a Monday afternoon at Boldon Comp. P.E. is on a Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning. Children should come to school on those days in appropriate P.E. kit. If your child is unable to participate then they should bring a note explaining why they cannot participate.

Thank you in anticipation of an enjoyable year, if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to speak to me by contacting the school office.

– Mr Cairns


Our topics for the Summer 1 half term are as follows:

Maths: Ratio, Statistics
Literacy: I was there… Titanic
Science: Electricity: Could you be the next Nintendo apprentice?
History: The Mayans: Who were the Ancient Maya and what have we learned from them?
Art: How do we design our own fonts?
RE: So what do you know about Christianity?
Computing: Building Battle Bots
French: Sports


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Dates for Diaries:

Wednesday 28th April – Parents Evening

Friday 28th May – Last day of Summer 1 half term

Wednesday 30th June – Reports go out

Friday 23rd July – Last day of Summer term


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