At West Boldon Primary School we strive to deliver a curriculum to our pupils that is inspiring and ambitious.  Our Dimensions curriculum teaches many geographical aspects through thematic units. The geographical skills and knowledge taught build upon children’s prior learning, ensuring that there is clear progression of skills throughout both key stages. Included in our Dimensions curriculum are stand alone geography topics to ensure all aspects of the National Curriculum are covered throughout the school. We aim to deliver high-quality lessons in geography, using a wealth of practical and online resources.

We understand that children are naturally curious about the world in which they live, geography helps children make sense of the world around us, better understand the places we live in, learn about and visit, why they matter and how they are connected to a globalised world.Through geography, we encounter different societies and cultures and learn to appreciate the incredible diversity of landscapes and people.  In geography, we face questions of what it means to live sustainably in an interdependent world and learn to value and care for the planet and all its inhabitants

Through our curriculum coverage the children will learn about their community, the wider world and its key human and physical features. We will take our learning outdoors and engage in fieldwork lessons frequently, using our continually evolving school grounds and local area as a basis for many investigations. 

Our curriculum is intended to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to understand our ever-changing planet and aspire to responsibly contribute to its nurture and development in a sustainable way.

Subject Ambassadors

Subject Ambassadors

Our Subject Ambassadors are chosen children who are experts in Geography, or children who have a real passion for the subject. Our Subject Ambassadors for Geography 2021/22 are:

Year 6: Hannah & Jessica
Year 5: Scarlett & Alexis
Year 4: Gabriel & Jack
Year 3: Christopher C & Ryan
Year 2: Ellie Mae & Archie
Year 1: Riley & Alice

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Skills Ladder
Geography Skills Ladder
EYFS Geography Skills Ladder
Long Term Plan
Geography Long Term Plan


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