The DFE have recently reinforced the need:-

“to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all school to promote the fundamental  British Values of democracy, the rule of the law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

At West Boldon Primary we pride ourselves in the promotion of the British values of tolerance, respect for the rule of the law and UK institutions and the belief in personal and social responsibility to build successful citizens in a multi-cultural society. We believe that these values are reinforced regularly and in the following ways.


  • Democracy is embedded within the life of our school.  Children have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our School Council and termly through pupil discussions.  Children elect their own school council representatives from their own year group and take part in a school election to choose their House Captains.  School Council promotes pupil voice in the school community and defines changes to improve our school.  The School Council also has an annual visit to the South Tyneside Council Chambers to further understand the role of the Council and Mayor in society.
  • Our school Behaviour and Discipline Policy involves the children agreeing on the principles and rules within it and is reviewed in classes in the Autumn Term.

The Rule of the Law

  • The importance of Laws, whether they are School rules or the guidelines and practice laid down in our Behaviour and Discipline Policy are consistently reinforced by all during the school day.  Children are taught the value and the reason behind laws and rules and with this comes an understanding which is reinforced in the follow through of consequences when these rules are broken.  A Behaviour Strategy audit is completed annually to review behaviour, rules and social responsibility within school.
  • Visitors to school such as the Community Police, Childline Services, Neighbourhood watch, Magistrates, E-safety visitors to promote the rule of the Law, personal and social responsibility and citizenship in our wider community.

We promote British values in a variety of ways in school:

  • Use of circle time to develop relationships and manage conflict
  • Assemblies to promote unity in school, to develop citizenship and social responsibility both in school and in the local community.
  • Visits to a range of places of Worship to develop tolerance and respect for other faiths, cultures and beliefs.
  • Visitors to school such as the Community Police, Childline Services ,Neighbourhood watch, Magistrates, E-safety visitors to promote personal and social responsibility and citizenship in our wider community
  • Use of the SACRE syllabus for RE to develop understanding and tolerance of a variety of faiths and beliefs to build successful citizens in a multi-cultural society.
  • Cross Curricular themes-e.g. Nelson Mendela, Crime and Punishment, Non-European studies, Local history.
  • Supporting charities such as Children in Need, Child Line, McMillian Cancer, Comic relief, Royal British Legion to understand our place in the wider world and how we can work together to support others.
  • Developing social responsibility through encouraging children to develop a sustainable environment through litter picking, recycling etc


British Values in our curriculum…

British Values is evident in all of our curriculum areas; here are some examples:

Explorers (EYFS)
‘Have a go!’


Pathfinders (KS1)Pathfinders
‘Find a way!’


Adventurers (LKS2)Adventurers
‘Make it happen!’


Navigators (UKS2)
‘Lead the way!’

able to apply skills


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cutural Development

To find more information about how we promote fundamental British Values as part of SMSC, please visit our ‘SMSC’ page by clicking here.


Remembrance Day

Every year at West Boldon we recognise Remembrance Day. Children take part in activities to pay their respects and we take part in a minute’s silence at 11am.



School Elections and Subject Ambassadors

In the academic year 2020/21 children ran for school council and were voted in by their peers in a democratic vote. We used ballot boxes and ballot sheets to imitate a real ballot children would vote in when they are old enough.

Our school council this year is being replaced by Subject Ambassadors – more info can be found here.


Ancient Greece

In Year 3 as part of their Ancient Greeks topic, children learned about the birth of democracy in the early 500s BC. They took part in a democratic vote in their classes!


Visits from the Police Community Support Officers

In September 2021 Year 4 were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Police Community Support Officers to discuss e-Safety as part of their PSHE topic for the half term.


Assemblies and whole school worship

As a school we worship together in whole-school assemblies daily. We also have a celebration assembly every Friday where children are rewarded for their good work or good behaviour over the course of the week.

Read more about our celebration assemblies here.