Class 1 and 2 had great fun this term learning about Chinese New Year.

We learnt about the traditions around the celebration and talked about how there were similarities to our recent Christmas celebrations.  We noticed that families prepared for Chinese New Year by cleaning and decorating their homes.  The children were given gifts of money and new clothes.

We learnt that the lucky colours for Chinese New Year were red, gold and yellow.  We used this knowledge to create our own dragon.

We had great fun performing our own dragon dance and scaring away any bad luck that was lingering in our school!

We learnt that Chinese writing looks different to how we are learning how to write and we all had a really great try at writing rat – the animal this year is named after.

We loved having the opportunity to prepare and eat our own Chinese stir fry.  Everyone helped to cut and slice the vegetables.  All of us tasted the stir fry, some us thought it was so delicious we had two helpings!