8th October 2020
Dear Year 2 parents/carers,


The Year 2 children will be completing their Phonics Screening during the week commencing 7th December 2020.


What is the Phonics Screening Test?
The test is a national requirement for pupils in the Summer term of Year 1, which as you know what cut short due to lockdown. The test will be carried out by their class teacher and supported by additional adults.


The children need to read a range of real and nonsense words using the phonics skills they have learnt in school.


How can I support my child?
You could support them at home by practising their weekly spellings and reading at home three times per week as a minimum. You could use the previous versions of the Phonics Screening to show your child the format of the test. They are available on the government website. The guidance for adults is also attached below.


What if my child does not reach the pass mark?
If your child does not pass the Phonics screening, they will resit the test in June. If you have any queries do not hesitate to get in touch


Yours sincerely,
Miss Fraser


Important documents: