Class 8 recently enjoyed a trip to EDF Power Station in Hartlepool. The children’s Science topic during the Autumn Term was ‘Electricity’ and the trip provided them with a great opportunity to extend their knowledge further. The children enjoyed a presentation where they learned that Hartlepool Power Station is a nuclear power station on the north east coast of England, how they make electricity there and how it is capable of supplying electricity to over 2 million UK homes.

In preparation for our Summer Term Science topic, ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ the children had an opportunity to explore the habitat of, and categorise local living creatures. Following a presentation from the staff at Teesmouth Field Centre, the children enjoyed a scavenger hunt on Teesmouth Beach – using their fingers like a bird’s beak to dig down into the sand. The children found evidence of a variety of animals and habitats – such as; Cockle Shells, Razor Shells, Crabs, Worm Casts, Snail Shells, Sand Dunes, Marram Grass and many more.