In school this week we have been celebrating Arts Week alongside the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! The children have learnt all about Queen Elizabeth II while finessing their artistic skills and talents.

Here’s what each year group has gotten up to…


Year 2

Year 2 were busy making crowns fit for a Queen… or King!

After designing their brief, their first task was to practise stitching buttons and sequins onto a sample material. As you can see, they had lots of fun perfecting their skills for the real thing! Well done Year 2.


 Year 3

In Year 3 the children focussed on Pop Art. The children looked at the Andy Warhol image ‘Reigning Queens’ identifying who the different monarchs were with a focus on Queen Elizabeth. They discussed the different colours used, then they looked at traditional Andy Warhol artwork where the same image is repeated in different colours. On the chromebooks, children were given an image of the queen which they then had to copy, paste and arrange into a 2×2 grid and change the colours.

Pop Art Queens by Year 3

Year 3 also learned about the Superbloom project where over 20 million seeds from 29 flower species have been planted in the Tower of London moat to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen.

They focussed on the flax flower, the national flower of Northern Ireland. They sketched their own flax flowers following a simple tutorial, then painted their creations using water colours. The results were incredible and it was particularly lovely to see them altogether, and see that every single painting was different!


Year 5

To celebrate the Queen’s 70th jubilee Year 5 were tasked with making a union jack themed bunting for a school display. Using fabric pens, paints and a few British themed templates, each pupil created their own contribution to the Year 5 piece.

Year 5 completing their Queens Jubilee art work


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