In our Dimensions theme this term we have been learning about the Arctic. We have been learning about the animals and people who live in the Arctic. We have learnt about the Inuit people; what the eat, wear, where they live and some of their pastimes.

We have learnt that traditionally Inuit women would have “throat singing” competitions to pass the time while the men were away hunting.

Throat singing is a tricky skill of repeating the sound just a second after the other person has made it, while keeping a beat and rhythm. The first one to stop for breath or giggle is out.

We had our own “throat singing” competition to see who could keep making noises longest. The children had a great time making some very strange and loud noises and also were amazed when we watched a video of some throat singers and how lovely their music was.


See below for more:

Inuit Throat Singing in Year 1 (1)

Inuit Throat Singing in Year 1 (2)

Inuit Throat Singing in Year 1 (3)

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