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We kicked off our second annual Diversity Week this week at West Boldon, celebrating our differences and what makes us all unique and special.




This year, children (with the help of their parents) took part in a competition. Each year group had a different project brief to fulfil and winners were chosen today as part of our special Diversity Day Celebration Assembly.

Year Group

Project Brief


Draw an LQBTQ+ family.

Year 1

Design a West Boldon Pride Flag.

Year 2

Create a diversity and inclusion mascot for our school.

Year 3

Create a poster that promotes equality.

Year 4

Research the history of the Rainbow Pride Flag and present this how you like.

Year 5

Write an LGBTQ+ poem.

Year 6

Write a diary entry in the role of a professional footballer who has just come ‘out’.

Here are some of the AMAZING projects we received as part of this, plus you can scroll down to see our incredible WINNERS!

Rainbow Flag competition winners




During Diversity Week, children also took part in a variety of PRIDE related activities in school. Year 3 learned all about the Rainbow Flag and the Progress Flag before collaging their own using mosaic squares and tissue paper, and Year 2 did some fantastic, bright, bold and beautiful colouring.




We ended Diversity Week today by coming to school in bright and colourful clothes. Here are some of our children dressed in their brightest, boldest colours to celebrate our uniqueness and individuality!

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